Tales of Thee Creepfreaks

Thee Creepfreaks are a psychobilly trio hailing from London and South England, combining up-tempo drumbeats, loud dirty guitar, electric bass and demonic vocals. In the summer of 2012 Peter dusted off his rockin’ guitar and called double bass player Anthony and they started starting rehearsing and stringing together a few tracks and after a few different drummers they found the bone rattling beats of Jeremy.

After Anthony left the country, the band hooked up with bass player Ash and things changed fast, playing with electric bass added extra power and a dirtier, heavier sound emerged.

In 2017 just in time for a Halloween show at Wild at Heart Berlin, they released their first 7″ single: El Dorado with Stuck in the swamp on B side, and a few month later in January 2018, they released their debut album “Tales from Thee Creepfreaks” on Greystone Records.

Jeremy left and the band tried a multitude of drummers, and have now settled down with Paul, and despite lockdown and the entire world going to shit they are roaring and ready to go again….

Since their first gig at The Klub in Camden, they’ve been playing regularly in and around Europe, both gigs and festivals, supporting bands like Mad Sin, Tall Boys, Demented are Go and many others.

With a love of horror, armed with macabre lyrics and a view of the world in demise, these psycho love children of Lemmy and Elvis will get the pit going and have you howling at the moon until the early morning light.