Tales of Thee Creepfreaks

We’re Thee Creepfreaks, a Psychobilly three-piece from London and Southern England. Cranking out some post-apocalyptic rock-n-roll tunes. Featuring pounding drums, dirty guitars, fast electric bass, and vocals from beyond the grave.

Once upon a time… 12 years ago… 

Back in the summer of 2012, Peter dusted off his well-worn guitar and teamed up with double-bass prodigy Anthony. We started writing some filthy rock-n-roll tunes, and after churning through a few drummers, we came across the crazy Frenchman, Jeremy – whose incredible bone-rattling beats completed our sound perfectly and Thee Creepfreaks were born.

When Anthony left the country, Ash stepped in with an electric bass, adding extra grit to our already cadaverous sound.

Great stuff happened

2017 was a big year for us. We released our first 7″ single, “El Dorado,” just in time for a Halloween show in Berlin. Then, in January 2018, we released our debut album, “Tales from Thee Creepfreaks,” on Greystone Records.

Jeremy eventually left to start a family in Marseille, and that’s when we found Paul, who has fit right in with his ridiculous drumming skills. Since then, we’ve been playing stages all over Europe and having a whale of a time.

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Come and see us play

Since our first gig at The Klub in Camden, we’ve been a steady presence in the Psychobilly/Garage punk scene. We’ve played gigs and festivals across Europe, sharing stages with legends like Mad Sin, Tall Boys, Demented Are Go, and King Kurt.

With a love for horror and macabre lyrics. The love-child of Motorhead, Elvis and The Tall Boys . Our shows will have you shakin’ and howlin’ at the moon until the early morning light.

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